Beware of vendors bearing cloud-wares

There was an interesting blog on the CIO magazine a few days ago with title Cloud and Web 2.0 Insights from Structure 09 Conference.   In this blog, Bernard Golden talked about the disconnect between Google and Amazon provide cloud services using commodity hardware while IBM and HP are pushing premium hardware with additional software to corporate customers who are looking to build out private cloud. He asked, very pertinently, “What do IBM and HP know that Google doesn’t?”

I think this brings into focus that every software and hardware vendor out there is trying to attach their wagons to cloud computing. In reality, the IT Infrastructure folks can do without most of these contrived solutions.  There is not enough maturity in this space yet so if you spend precious budget dollars on some sort of “cloud” solution, you are probably paying for a vendor’s development project instead of buying a baked out solution.  Some of these gap bridging cloud management or administration solutions should be coming from your cloud vendors and you should push them for it.

At minimum, ask for rigorous proof of ROI and references from these cloud-ware mongers.  It is still a wild west out there for cloud solutions.


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