Which online payment service?

There are 3 online payment services out there that many websites use to receive payments, namely Paypal, Amazon Payment Service and Google Checkout.  APS came to the scene later than Paypal but was ahead in providing APIs that other developers can easily integrate with.

According to Ben Parr on Mashable, Paypal just launched Paypal X and Adaptive Payments.  Look like this is a pretty big step forward for Paypal with respect to matching APS’ external integration capability.  Paypal will probably remain the largest player in this space for some time to come.

Instead of reinventing the wheel and redoing the comparative analysis that others have done so well, here are a few links to the good work already published on the web:

Facts aside, if given a choice, which online payment service do you prefer?  Vote away!


3 Responses

  1. Check out this article on ReadWriteWeb Lookout Paypal! Google Checkout’s New Gadget is Incredibly Simple. Innovation continues in the space.

  2. I have also heard that Intuit is offering or is planning to offer mobile payments or a way of paying by credit card using your mobile phone. have you heard anything about it?

  3. Indeed Intuit is offering a mobile phone credit card processing service. They call it Intuit GoPayment.

    Know of any merchants accept this yet? I once paid for a can of coke in Singapore with my mobile phone but I haven’t seen this in action in the US.

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