Twitter Tweets as the New Internet?

Is real time search of Twitter tweets a harbinger of a new Google?

At the SDForum International SIG Private Equity Panel this week, Jay Choi of Partech said that they look at the sea of tweets that everybody generates like the websites people create in the 90s.  He thought there is an opportunity to treat these tweets as data that you can mine for not just real-time search but also for generating trend reports, predictive analysis of opinions, supporting eCommerce, etc.  Partech has actually invested in that space.  He didn’t think Twitter is the big one but instead somebody using the tweet data would gain huge commercial success like Google did with the internet.

This is an interesting perspective which can lead to the possible emergence of a real time Google, among other things.  From there, there could be numerous commercial opportunities.  The ones cited by this Mashable post, 5 More Twitter Related Trends, might just be the beginning.

If this prognosis is right, then comparing Twitter to Google may be a little premature.  Any comments from the readers?

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