The author Song Bac Toh is an experienced product management professional who has built, shipped and marketed software products and technology successfully in the enterprise and consumer e-Commerce space over the last 14 years.  Most recently, I have been looking into the healthcare space.

As for why the name SV Fruit Stand, I live and work in the Silicon Valley, which used to be full of orchards and fruit stands before my time.  This name is a salute to the old days and to the concept that most of us are vending our ideas using this new type of fruit stand called the Web.I believe that business decisions need to be backed up by data and analysis but the analysis ultimately requires human design and interpretation.  Without the human touch, machines cannot accurately simulate the complexity of the real world and predict human behavior.  Case in point – the global financial debacle of 2007~2009.

I have substantial experience building software and running the technology business in the following areas.  My latest project is in healthcare IT.

  • enterprise software product management and marketing
  • eCommerce platform technology and operations
  • SaaS, cloud computing and data center virtualization
  • business intelligence, dashboard and KPIs
  • Web 2.0 and social media
  • ITIL v3, continual service improvement, IT Financial Management, service catalog

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