Driving Continual Improvement

A few weeks ago, I wrote an article titled Begin from the beginning – IT Continual Service Improvement on a company blog about IT Continual Service Improvement (CSI).  Even though it was in the context of ITIL v3 and IT organizations, I think the points I raised were generally applicable to any process management situation.

You need to  measure, set baseline, choose realistic goals, refine process, measure and check again.  It is an ongoing process.  Even if you have succeeded in meeting your service and quality goals, you need to apply this methodology to keep the process within control.  Entropy is always increasing.  If you stop watching it, it will veer away from your target, I guarantee.

A colleague, Meri Gruber, provided some great insight after I told her about my blog post – once you have sufficient data, you can even apply business rules and predictive analytics for what she termed as “next generation CSI”.  Anyone interested in attempting CSI TNG?